Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Domeau & Pérès The “Haute Couture” of Design

Domeau & Pérès The “haute couture” of design
An exceptional know-how

Within only eight years, Bruno Domeau and Philippe Pérès have not only established a sound company from a financial perspective but also and foremost a label that has managed to assert itself in the very closed circle of design editors.
Saddle maker and interior decorator respectively – Philippe Pérès
graduated from the ranks of the French guilds – both associates met in the mid-90s.
The two then felt the need to take on alone their technical knowledge, their
handcraft and above all else their eagerness for innovation. They rapidly
demonstrated a true knack for taking charge of producing objects, especially
seating, whether it be meant for inside a home, a car or a plane, from the first
prototypes to the finest finishing details.
By obviously selecting carefully the materials and thus creating practically a trademark through their use of textures such as the woven wool carpet, leather and horsehair or the combination of covered leather and synthetic resin. Besides, a rare occurrence with furniture craftsmen, the duo wished to take charge of the edition and the
commercialisation of the models it develops through a network of selected
stores and, only recently, from their show-room in La Garenne-Colombes.

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